The Tom and Jerry Show


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During my two years at Renegade Animation one of the stand out projects that I was part of was the Tom and Jerry Show.

I was primarily brought on to the Tom and Jerry production to oversee the transition to a new character design between seasons.  The series director, Darrell Van Citters, was not particularly fond of how the design of the first season hindered the animation quality, so he tasked me with reworking the character designs and Flash rigs to land on a style that would not only enhance the look of the final show, but also allow the animation to land closer to the pinnacle MGM years of Tom and Jerry shorts that everyone loves and remembers.  I did this by simplifying the rigs, adding a tapered ink line around the characters, and adding a bit more appeal to the characters faces.  Before animation production began, our small in-house crew created a library of stock animation that could be used in production that heavily referenced the classic cartoons.

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