Storyboard Tests

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I’ve posted some recent storyboard tests here that I’ve completed for other studios as some alternative examples of my work.  All of them were done using Storyboard Pro and exported to a specific requested format.

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

The instructions for this test was to write and board a sequence involving Star and Marco in her bedroom discovering the door is locked and what they do as a result.


StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_2_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_3_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_4_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_5_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_6_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_7_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_8_1920 StarVs_Storyboardtest_Page_9_1920

Ready Jet GO!

This test was for a CG animated PBS show off of a provided script.

ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_01_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_02_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_03_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_04_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_05_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_06_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_07_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_08_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_09_1920 ReadyJetGo_Storyboardtest_Page_10_1920



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