ABC Mouse


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I served as Animation Supervisor on several animated shorts for early children’s education company, ABC mouse, that were produced at Renegade Animation.  I was involved with many stages of production on these Flash animated shorts from storyboarding through to finished animation, as well as supervising the animation that was coming in from freelancers.  The ABCmouse shorts proved to be challenging because each short contained a full cast of characters that was unique to that piece – a challenge for Flash animation when quality expectations are high!

“The Shapes Song” Animation - I storyboarded, character rigged, and animated this short for ABCmouse.


“Phases of the Moon” Animatic  – This segment from an ABCmouse educational short was intended to explain how the moon is seen from earth in different phases throughout the month.  The concept seemed simple at first, but proved very challenging to accurately convey from a scientific standpoint.  I not only storyboarded this sequence, but also came up with the idea to teach this concept by using the “rotating chair in a planetarium” method.

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